Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA

The Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA is a brand new version of one of Baxi’s renowned boilers – the Baxi Megaflo System boiler which features the innovative THINK Combustion Management System. The new Compact GA is incredibly economical to run and costs from around £560 excluding VAT and installation costs.

The Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA is a highly efficient model, and comes in six different heating output (KW) models to suit most property types. Other features include a Gas Adaptive Control and a 1:7 modulating ratio which enables a more efficient combustion process resulting in lower fuel bills.

The Compact GA has a SEDBUK A efficiency rating, is easy to operate and is compatible with Baxi’s controls and accessories, such as the thermostat- an easy to use tool that helps monitor heating.

Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA Overview

ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Megaflo System Compact 12 GASystemH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A12 kWA 90% and above£639.75
Megaflo System Compact 15 GASystemH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A15 kWA 90% and above£667.4
Megaflo System Compact 18 GASystemH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A18 kWA 90% and above£670
Megaflo System Compact 24 GASystemH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A24 kWA 90% and above£732.24
Megaflo System Compact 28 GASystemH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A28 kWA 90% and above£740.21
Megaflo System Compact 32 GASystemH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A32 kWA 90% and above£750

Key Features & Benefits

SEDBUK Band A High Energy Efficiency
Innovative THINK Combustion Management System Economical to run
Gas Adaptive Control for optimum combustion performance and energy efficiency for the boiler’s lifetime. Energy efficiency, boiler reliability
2-speed pump Low heating bills
Modulation ratio 1:7 for fewer ignitions, greater reliability and lower fuel bills Boiler efficiency
Compact Dimensions for cupboard fit (except from 32kW model) Easy fit, space saving
Fully compatible with Baxi’s range of high-efficiency controls and accessories. Energy efficiency Easy to use
Extensive flue options Fitting Flexibility
User friendly controls and straightforward setup Easy installation & use
Standard 2 year Warranty Peace of Mind

What we think of the Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA

The Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA is a next generation system boiler that we highly recommend for your home heating system. It comes in six outputs; making it the perfect choice for many property types.

The beauty with this range of boilers within the Baxi Megaflo System Compact line-up, is its size. Traditionally this type of boiler, which uses a storage cylinder to keep the hot water ready for immediate use, is large and takes up a fair amount of space.

This, as its name suggests, prides itself on being compact and can happily sit inside a kitchen cabinet.

It has been developed to meet the demands of the normal modern home, which mostly make use of  a sealed heating system. But, unlike the traditional boiler, it has the pump and expansion tank built in, which is a great way of saving space. Within the range are six different individual models, which means you can pick the right level of output for you, from 12kW up to 32kW.

What’s more, because it has the separate storage tank, you will have access to a large quantity of hot water whenever you need it, without slowing down the effectiveness of the central heating system.

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

We recommend you get a few quotes in order to find the best boiler price. For instance, get a free quote from a national installer and compare it with one from a local boiler installer.  Also make sure your engineer is Gas Safe Registered.

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