Boiler Scrappage Scheme – What You Need To Know

The government launched its Boiler Scrappage Scheme this week where thousands of homeowners could receive £400 towards replacing their aging boilers.

Many could also see this figure double to £800 now leading energy suppliers including British Gas and nPower have confirmed their plans to match the government’s payout. With a typical new boiler installation costing around £2,500, any financial assistance will be welcomed by all households.

The scheme has been put together with the Energy Saving Trust in a bid to make inefficient G-Rated boilers a thing of the past. Households can start applying for their £400 government vouchers from as early as the 18th January. You have to be quick though, because this £50 million scheme is available only for up to 125,000 households who own a G-Rated boiler or one that is less than 70% efficient.

By replacing their old inefficient boilers, the scheme will save households around £275 on their energy bills. It will also reduce annual household carbon emissions by around 1.26 tonnes per home according to the Energy Saving Trust, because G-Rated boilers are less than 70% efficient, whereas A-Rated ones are over 90%.

Also outlined by the government, the scheme will provide a much needed boost to a boiler manufacturer and installation industries who have suffered since the slump in the property market. It reports around 60% of the new boilers used in its scheme will be manufactured in the UK, and around 120,000 boiler engineers set to benefit from increased work.

It works with eligible households trading in their old boilers for scrap, and claiming back their £400 discount voucher from the Energy Saving Trust.

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme has sparked much debate in the news, and whilst much of it is positive, there are some who are skeptical. They think new boiler installations are too costly, and £400 is not nearly enough to get households to upgrade.’s Utilities Manager, Scott Byrom, said: “People will see a significant cut to the price of a new boiler – an attractive saving for those who are quick enough to take advantage of the scheme. While it is fantastic to see such measures put in place to help combat high fuel prices and carbon emissions, I am not sure it is enough to help encourage customers to replace their boilers as the overall costs are still high.”

Others are of the opinion that the scheme will become oversubscribed, because there are around 3.5million households with a G-Rated boiler, and it is only open to 125,000.

Most G-Rated boilers are over 15 years old, or tend to have a permanent pilot light on. To check yours, simply make a note of your boiler make and model and visit our Sedbuk Boiler Efficiency Table

To take advantage of the Boiler Scrappage Scheme, it is recommended you shop around for a boiler installation quote. Get a few quotes by contacting your local boiler installers, and your energy supplier. It is worth bearing in mind some energy suppliers will give you an additional £400 discount to match the scheme, which means a total saving of £800.

Once you have your quote, contact the Energy Saving Trust with details of your old boiler and who will be installing your new boiler. Once they have verified your details, they will issue you with your £400 voucher (available from 18th January). Once the installation is complete, you will receive your £400 rebate within 25 working days.

To find out more about the scheme, visit the energy advisory website