Green Deal Finance

What is Green Deal Finance?

As part of the government’s Green Deal, a cash back scheme has been introduced to encourage take up for energy-efficiency improvements such as heating upgrades and insulation. Available from 28th January 2013 for homeowners in England and Wales, a separate scheme will be agreed for Scotland.

How does the cash back scheme work?

To apply for cash back, you must have already had an assessment on your property, by a Green Deal Assessor. Homeowners can claim one cash back offer per household, as long as you are paying the majority of the installation costs. The cash back amount is capped at 50% of the cost of the recommended installations and upgrades, and free installations are not eligible for cash back. The scheme is run on a first come, first served basis.

How do you qualify for Green Deal Finance?

To qualify for cash back, you will need to contribute the majority of the upfront installation costs, and only those improvements recommended by your Green Deal Assessor will be eligible.

To apply for cash back, you can go online to fill out a form. To get started, you’ll need your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) reference number – this will be matched to your property. You will also need to give details of your Green Deal Provider.

The information provided will then be checked, and your offer for cash back based on the recommendations outlined by your Green Deal Advice Report. Cash back is only offered for the installations that are actually carried out – so if you do not act on all recommendations, this will be confirmed by your Green Deal Provider before a payment is made.

What products are included?

The cash back incentive scheme applies to the set of recommended installations and improvements detailed within the Green Deal Advice Report. This could include:

  • Loft insulation (£100 cash back) and cavity wall insulation (£250), as long as installed alongside other improvement
  • Solid wall insulation (£650 cash back), as long as a minimum of 50% of external walls are insulated
  • Flat roof insulation (£390 cash back)
  • Room in roof insulation (£220 cash back)
  • Floor insulation (£150 cash back)
  • Hot water cylinder insulation (£10 cash back), although this cannot be claimed alongside a boiler replacement
  • Draught proofing (£50 cash back)
  • Heating controls (£70 cash back)
  • Condensing oil boiler from non-condensing oil heating or other (£310 cash back)
  • Boiler upgrade to condensing gas boiler (£270 cash back)
  • New or replacement storage heaters (£150 cash back)
  • Replacement warm air unit (£60 cash back)
  • Waste water heat recovery systems (£60 cash back)
  • Double or triple glazing (£20 per square metre, up to a maximum of £320)
  • Secondary glazing (£15 per square metre, up to a maximum of £230)
  • High performance replacement doors (£40 cash back)

Cash back will only be awarded for the installation work completed. For more information, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has a full document explaining Green Deal finance options.

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