Green Deal for Tenants

What is the Green Deal for Tenants

The Green Deal for Tenants is part of a government initiative to reduce the impact of British homes on the environment, by increasing their energy efficiency. The Green Deal allows tenants to make upgrades and improvements to their rental property with no upfront costs. Instead, payment for improvements will be made over a period of time, in line with equivalent energy savings via your electricity bill.

Green Deal for Tenants

Green Deal for tenants offers a great deal of benefits. If your landlord agrees to the Green Deal Plan, you will enjoy a warmer, more comfortable rental property at no additional cost.

As a tenant, you will be responsible for bills to the property including energy bills. The costs for any upgrades made via the Green Deal will be recouped via these bills – but only the equivalent in cost savings, so you will not notice a significant increase in costs. If your tenancy agreement allows, you will still be free to change supplier.

If you choose to move on from your current rented accommodation, the Green Deal repayments will stay with the property rather than you as an individual. The new tenants will then be responsible for making the remaining repayments through their electricity bills.

Tenants can benefit from the Green Deal, as long as they have the landlord’s permission. Social housing tenants can also apply.

How does it work?

To begin the process, you will need to have a property assessment by a Green Deal Assessor. The current energy efficiency rating will be surveyed, with the resulting recommendations collated in a Green Deal Advice Report.

Once you have this report, you will be able to approach a Green Deal Provider. They will produce a Green Deal Plan, outlining costs and repayments. This is a contractual agreement, so it is worth shopping around until you have found a provider you are happy with.

When you are satisfied with your Green Deal Plan, a Green Deal Installer will carry out the agreed upgrades and improvements on your property. Once complete, you will be able to enjoy the benefits and start making repayments via your electricity bill – amounting to the equivalent in energy savings.

Will the property qualify?

Your rental property will only qualify if the building’s energy efficiency can be improved and provide you with substantial benefit. This will be confirmed by the Green Deal Assessor – although you may already have an idea of the rating from the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

What products are included?

The products included in the Green Deal are those outlined in your Green Deal Advice Report. This may include:

  • Improvements to the heat retention of your property, such as insulation, double glazing and draught-proofing
  • Upgraded heating such as a new A-rated boiler, heating controls and under floor heating
  • Money-saving renewable energy technologies such as solar PV

For more information about the Green Deal for tenants, here are some useful quick guides.