High Efficiency Boilers Will Reduce Your Energy Bill

new boiler

High Efficiency Boilers Will Reduce Your Energy Bill.  Out of all your home appliances, your boiler will consume the most energy. In a typical UK home, it will burn over £500 worth of gas each year and omit around four tonnes of carbon dioxide into the environment. As the cost of living continues to rise, and concern for climate change grows, many people are choosing to replace their aging boilers with a high efficiency model that will address both issues.

If your boiler is older than 10 years, then it will not be nearly as energy efficient as more recent models. Every time it is used, it will cost you more money because a considerable amount of heat it generates gets lost via its flue. High efficiency condensing boilers however, convert over 90% of the fuel they burn into heat, and are able to recover most of the heat wasted by older boiler types.

By law all new or replacement boilers must be high efficiency condensing types, and although installing a new boiler can be expensive, it makes a great investment because once installed, it will save you up to 40%* or around £200 on your energy bills year after year. As it consumes less energy, you will also minimise your environmental impact and you reduce your carbon footprint.

The most popular type of high efficiency condensing boiler is the Combi Boiler. This type cleverly activates on demand, so there is no need to store hot water or wait for water to heat up. This also means that it is easy and generally cheaper to install, because less space and time is required.

When Should You Consider A New Boiler?

It is recommended that if your boiler is over 10 years old, then it should be replaced. However, making such a decision can be difficult, so always seek advice from the experts first. Many energy suppliers offer free no obligation advice and quotes on new boiler installations to help you make your choice.

You should also understand the requirements of your home and how its size will impact the type of new boiler you install. For example, what are your hot water and heating demands? How many bathrooms do you have?


For safety and piece of mind, all new or replacement boilers must be installed by an approved Gas Safe (formerly CORGI) registered engineer. This will ensure that the installation is done expertly, safely and to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

* Source – Energy Savings Trust.