Potterton Promax 24HE Plus Combi boilers prices

Potterton Promax 24HE Plus Combi boilers prices start £666 excluding installation

Part of the Potterton Promax Plus High Efficiency Combination Boiler Collection, the Potterton Promax 24HE Plus Natural Gas Combi Boiler delivers fully modulating outputs from 9.4kW to 33kW; making it suitable for a wide range of domestic installations.

With a SEDBUK A-rating, the Potterton Promax 24HE Plus Natural Gas Combi Boiler will use excess energy that would otherwise be wasted, to make better use of your money in fuel bills and produce less carbon emissions. When it comes to high efficiency heating, you will be able to find a Potterton boiler to suit all property types.

The Potterton Promax 24HE Plus Natural Gas Combi Boiler in particular is best suited to small to medium sized flats or homes with low heating requirements and one bathroom. The fully modulating outputs give the user the ability to control the temperature and get the right amount of heat without unnecessary fuel consumption.

With a range of fluing options and a pre-plumbing jig, this boiler provides flexibility as well as a neat and concealed installation. This boiler has a modern, compact design and will fit in any kitchen cupboard.

Key Features & Benefits

SEDBUK Band A Lower gas bills
Fully modulating outputs from 9.4kW to 33kW Fuel efficient
Ultra-low NOx emissions – Class 5 (the best) For cleaner & lower emissions
Can be situated in an unventilated cupboard Flexibility of siting
Built-in two stage frost protection Longer appliance lifespan
For use with NG or (optional) LPG LPG compatible
Comprehensive range of fluing options Ease of siting
Supplied complete with wall-mounting jig Ease of installation
Best Suited For Small to Medium Properties 1 bathroom houses
Manufacturers parts and labour warranty Peace of Mind

We recommend that if you have a small to medium property with no more than one bathroom and a relatively low heating demand, then choose the Potterton Promax 24HE Plus Natural Gas Combi Boiler. It is one of the most energy efficient and trust-worthy boilers in its range. Plus its good modulating heat output will definitely cut heating bills.

When you get your boiler quote, you will need to shop around if you want to save money. Get a quote from a national installer and a quote from a local boiler installer. Compare prices on the cost of the boiler and the cost of installation. Average installation costs are between £1,500 – £1,800. Comparing Potterton Promax 24HE Plus Combi boilers prices could save you a lot of money.

Other factors to consider include flexibility of when your installer can install your new boiler and their safety record. Today all boiler installations are done by  Gas Safe Registered engineers.  This ensures it’s done safely and legally.

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