Glow Worm Flexicom cx Boilers

Glow Worm Flexicom cx Boilers are one of the smallest high efficiency boilers on the market, with average prices starting from £570 excluding VAT and installation costs.

Glow Worm Flexicom cx Boilers are a flexible and compact high-efficiency boiler, and built to supply demanding households with enough heat and hot water without taking up much space. Its small dimensions enable it to be fitted into a kitchen cupboard, and a direct rear flue makes it simple to install.

This compact yet powerful combi boiler can also deliver a 5 second hot water response without the need for a separate cylinder or cold water storage tank. There are also three heating outputs available to choose from, 24, 30 and 35KW; making it the perfect solution for smaller properties where space is restricted.

In addition, the Flexicom CX is easy to operate service and maintain thanks to its advanced diagnostics display, plus a SEDBUK A rating for high efficiency and NOx Class 5 rating means it will save money on heating costs and reduce carbon emissions considerably.

For peace of mind it has in-built frost protection and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Glow Worm Flexicom cx Boilers Overview

ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Flexicom 24cxCombiH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 280 mm
9.85 l/min24 kWA 90% and above£650
Flexicom 30cxCombiH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 280 mm
12.3 l/min30 kWA 90% and above£696
Flexicom 35cxCombiH - 700 mm
W - 390 mm
D - 280 mm
14.4 l/min35 kWA 90% and above£880

Key Features & Benefits

SEDBUK Band A High Energy Efficiency
NOx Class 5 Environmental friendly
Cupboard fit with compact dimensions Easy to fit
Direct rear flue option Easy installation
Advanced Diagnostics display Easy maintenance & serviceability
Pre-fixing jig, upward piping frame and direct rear flue option make installation an easy routine. Easy installation
Inbuilt Frost Protection Longer Boiler Lifespan
Expert service from start to finish Peace of Mind
2 year Warranty Peace of Mind

What we think of the Glow Worm Flexicom cx 

Glow-worm’s Flexicom CX combi boiler is powerful, economic and ergonomic. Guaranteed to save you money and space, this condensing boiler is easy to use and flexible to install; making it the ideal choice for smaller properties.

This is a boiler, which has been designed to happily sit inside a kitchen cupboard without taking up a lot of room. In short, if you are keen to get a powerful boiler that doesn’t grab a lot of space, then this range could be for you.

The range is nicely balanced with an entry rating of 24kW. The two other versions means that the range can cope with anything from a flat, through to a small house. As it’s a combination boiler, it also means that more space is saved, because you don’t need all the incumbents associated with a boiler that uses a hot storage water tank. This means that hot water is produced on demand.

It will need some space around the casing when its fitted into the cupboard and has an average weight of around 36kg. It’s well-equipped with some decent controls and it can cope with most things asked of it.

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

We recommend you look for a few quotes in order to find the best boiler price. For instance, get a free quote from a national installer and compare it with one from a local boiler installer.

Also ensure your engineer is Gas Safe Registered.

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  1. Rating:3

    We have moved to a Housing Association two bedroom flat (groundfloor) very happy and am presuming that we have the CX 24 model. However this condensing boiler does take a time to reach the standard output heat to hot water of 55degree C at a much greater time than the 5 seconds as stated in your advert. Could there be a fault in the thermostat or equivalent and should we make comment of this to Blue Flame who manage this gas boiler?????

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